Albany, NY-Mercury Web Solutions, is pleased to welcome yet another fine organization to Mercury’s extensive list of clients. The AIDS Council of Northeastern New York, has recently contracted with Mercury for a sophisticated, interactive website geared to urban youth. This revised website called Teen Hot Spot, which targets the youth audience, will provide up-to-date resources and helpful information on all issues surrounding AIDS, from prevention, detection and treatment of the disease.

Along with creating a contemporary design for the site, Mercury’s team of developers will be incorporating a comprehensive content management system, MercuryCMS 2.0, into the site. This added functionality will allow this new site to remain current with its information and relevant to its audience.

About Mercury Web Solutions:

Mercury Web Solutions is an Albany based interactive marketing and Internet technology firm specialized in producing highly effective websites focused on compelling design and usability. As one of Tech Valley’s top rated Web Development companies, Mercury works with hundreds of clients, providing website planning, design and development, offering custom Web tools and reliable hosting as well as video, graphics and multimedia services. Mercury also performs independent website performance assessment including search engine optimization, Web metrics analysis and e-marketing strategies. The company is managed by CEO Don Buskard.

Media Contact: Adrienne Buskard, President, Mercury Web Solutions 518.432.3200 x3232



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