Mercury Web Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its new CMS Demo Site which will be used to promote the recently released content management system MercuryCMS 2.0. This new demo site is only available for viewing in a password protected format. Mercury staff will be using this site to demonstrate the functionality and custom tools currently available for both new and existing clients.

The Mercury staff believes that both current and prospective clients will gain a better understanding of the functionality available for their Web and technology projects by participating in this “hands on” experience. They have already seen that once a client discovers the valuable operational and management capabilities of CMS 2.0 that they are better equipped to consider which technology to include in their own project.

Additionally, new functionality is being offered including a multitude of options such as a Blogging Tool, Polling Tool, Forums, Media Gallery, Interactive Mapping and Direction Tools. These tools are ready to be incorporated in a standard version or customized for a client’s specific needs. “Once clients go through the demo site and see all of the options available that are not available on their current site, they want to know what kind of effect this will have on their overall online programs. Almost every client that sees the demo site is amazed at the options now available,” said Tim Kirsch, Sales Manger for Mercury.

To have a demonstration of the new products available from Mercury Web Solutions you can fill out the contact form at: or simply call the sales department at 518.432.3200 x 3153.


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