Albany, N.Y. - Mercury Web Solutions announces the launch of an exciting new Web based information portal for the City of Troy, which can be found at and at The new website provides listings of businesses, services and attractions which can be found in Troy, of interest both to people who might be thinking of visiting, living or doing business in Troy.

As part of the website, Mercury developed a robust suite of tools. A registration tool allows users to register and add and edit information and images for their business for display on the website within appropriate categories, and with interactive map capabilities. An event tool allows registered users to post events on the website event calendar along with information regarding the event. Mercury provided an image portfolio for the website so that the rich display of imagery built into the website can be changed and updated as often as desired to continually provide new interest and visual attraction. Mercury used its custom content management system to provide a very high level of dynamic content change throughout the website.

The website was developed in partnership with Troy-based advertising agency Smith and Jones. Smith and Jones is leading a marketing campaign for the City of Troy, to better inform people of all the city has to offer. The website is a central focus of this campaign and conveys very well that Troy is “a city rich in history, character, and opportunity”. It is full of useful information, and provides excellent references for the City’s many offerings. Prior to the development of this new website, Mercury developed a “preliminary” website which allowed City of Troy to start collecting information from local businesses and service providers for display on the main website.

About Mercury Web Solutions:

Mercury Web Solutions is an Albany based interactive marketing and Internet technology firm specialized in producing highly effective websites focused on compelling design and usability. As one of Tech Valley’s top rated Web Development companies, Mercury works with hundreds of clients, providing website planning, design and development, offering custom Web tools and reliable hosting as well as video, graphics and multimedia services. Mercury also performs independent website performance assessment including search engine optimization, Web metrics analysis and e-marketing strategies. The company is managed by CEO Don Buskard.

Media Contact:  Adrienne Buskard, President, Mercury Web Solutions 518.432.3200 x3232.

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